Inclement Weather Policy

As we are entering the time of year when the distinct possibility of bad weather is a constant concern, we want you to be aware of our policy regarding cancellation of services or activities at the church.  

First: If it is a weeknight, we will generally follow the Western Schools for our decision to cancel or not.  If the Western Schools cancel due to a weather issue, then we will not have any activities at the church on that day. Also, if there is a significant storm that comes in after the school day but before the activities, please check with the ministry leaders in charge of your event or activity and also check the church website or our Facebook page.  

Second: If the storm hits on a weekend or a time when the schools are out for other reasons and there is a question about canceling, the leadership will conference and make a decision.  If we decide to cancel services or events then we will attempt to get the word out by the following means:

  1. Church Website -
  2. Church Facebook page -
  3. E-Mail - An All-Church E-mail will be sent out.
  4. Text - An All-Church Text message will be sent out.

If you are not sure if your e-mail address and / or mobile phone number are on file with the church please fill out the tear out card in this worship folder or e-mail your information to and we will update your record. 

Posted on December 14, 2014 .

New Pastor

On Sunday Oct. 20th 2013 after more then a years search SACN Welcomed a new Paster Murphy Gill and his Wife Michelle to be the shepherd of our church. we are look forward to his leadership as he seeks God's will to lead our Church. 

Posted on October 20, 2013 .

Big Day of Serving

On Sept. 19th 9 teens and 3 adults leaders attended the Big Day of Serving in Grand Rapids Mi. to serve the community for the day with over 500 other teens from around the Great Lakes. 


Posted on October 20, 2013 .